En Pointe v Gailen David | Gailen David & Unions
En Pointe v Gailen David | Gailen David & Unions

DID YOU KNOW? Gailen David carries a personal liability umbrella insurance policy that covers legal fees in cases 
against him involving libel, slander and defamation. With over $1,000,000 in coverage from State Farm he's free to make up any lies or statements he wishes. He didn't pay for any legal fees associated with Aluminum Lady & his American Airlines lawsuit but he happily accepted donations from flight attendants for his defense and to create videos.

Fact 1: Gailen David Assisted Bob Ross in Winning APFA President Role

Gailen David had a deal with APFA Presidential Candidate Bob Ross to be paid by the union to create videos and assist with employee engagement. At the same time, Gailen David was being paid by the AFA.

​In order to ensure a win, he created a series of "whispers" and false narratives to discourage the base from voting for Rock Soloman. 

Fact 2: Bob Ross Entertains Gailen Proposal as Agreed

Following Bob's win, Gailen sent over his proposal to work with the APFA. 

Gailen and Bob attended lunch to discuss how they could work together.

​Think you're friends with Gailen? He has you fooled. He's probably talked about you behind your back like he does Deborah Volpe.

Having been ignored by Bob Ross after sending the proposal Gailen took to "threatening him." ​

When no response was received, Gailen turned on him and lead the campaign for a recall by drafting articles, press releases and seeking information.

Fact 3: Gailen has been paid by the AFA since 2016

What you read above is true. Gailen has been paid by the Association of Flight Attendants since 2016 to help further organizing efforts. In full disclosure, En Pointe was paid as well and aired numerous segments and commercials for the union.

One of his tasks was to try to provoke a merger between AFA & APFA which was why he wanted to work with Bob.

Sara Nelson & AFA Union Dues Still Pay Gailen David. 

Even though Gailen David was taken to court, and had an injunction issued against him for harassing behavior, Sara Nelson still continued to support and defend him.

Through the discovery process of the case text messages and emails between Sara Nelson, President of the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA-CWA), Gailen David and the AFA staff have been made public. 

The message on the left shows her sharing an email she sent to the TV show about Gailen's departure, and her text message response to him alluding to more harassment. Later messages discuss the changing of company names, new IRS EIN numbers and a plan to "appease" the production company so there's no "improprieties in" their work together.

 Payments made to contractors are to be disclosed on a LM2 form annually to the department of Labor. However, recently it was uncovered that Gailen David, his new company, and the production company behind the television are not mentioned. 

The production company was unaware its relationship wasn't being adequately reported and does not condone the omission. 
Sara Nelson was questioned annually about her payments to Gailen David and the television show, which left Gailen compiling a list of reasons to accept the funds. 

Fact 4: Gailen Does it For The Money not because he cares.

Gailen has always had issues with money management.

​When his project to merge the APFA and AFA failed and new money wasn't realized, he sought an income of $5,000+/mo from the production company.

​He then decided to focus on "keeping AFA" happy to ensure paychecks.

Fact 5: Not All of Gailen's Sources are Confidential 

Becareful sharing information with Gailen David. 

​Flight Attendants such as Lynne Voightsberger (Alaska), Rolondo Teran (Alaska), and Deborah Volpe (AA) and Gate Agents like Kat Gaines, all had their conversations with Gailen involved in a lawsuit, exposing them to legal troubles.

​If it helps him, he'll expose his sources.  Click here to see if you're named as well.