En Pointe v Gailen David | Gailen David & Unions
En Pointe v Gailen David | Gailen David & Unions

Fact 1: Gailen David Has Always Had Issues with Money

Gailen David has gone bankrupt on three different companies in years past and his life-partner, Stephen Licata, informed Gailen's business partners not to allow Gailen access to the money as it would be mismanaged. Stephen is also listed as a creditor on at least one of Gailen's bankruptcies. 

​This truth played a large role in Gailen's harassment as he was seeking a buy-out offer after resigning due to his financial strain. 

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Fact 2: Gailen David Resigned

At an event in Los Angeles on March 8, 2020, Gailen David verbally resigned to a partner in En Pointe Productions and did so in front of a witnesses. Immediately thereafter he confirmed his decision to another partner via a telephone call in which he was "caught off guard" according to this own message.

​Following his resignation, then and only then, his company email was restricted. Knowing this, he passed along information pertaining projects he was working on, so that they could be completed.

Fact 3: Gailen David Harassed His Co-Workers For Months

After his resignation and his post-demand for a 'buy-out' was not met, Gailen David began to harass his co-workers.

​He contacted their family members and other employers, took to social media claiming they "locked him out" and "scammed" him out of the company which he had just resigned, contacted clients and sponsors, threatened them with further harassment and waged a campaign in hopes to pressure them to pay him money swiftly.  When they ignored him, his rage and harassment increased. He even threatened to try and have the spouse of one partner, a green card holder, deported. Gailen David admitted to carrying out all of these actions in court.

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Fact 4: Gailen David's Claims Money was Stolen & YouTube was Hacked are False

The claim that money was stolen has been proven false by the evidence uploaded by Gailen's defense. A payment was made to a friend of a partner for $2,000 in lieu of the partner getting paid for that particular period. Gailen asked about it, and received an answer. Two months later, he filed a police report stating he "didn't know" any details about the transfer. He stated it was for $5,000 and said he did "not know" who it went to, although he named the person when he asked his co-worker.  The Sheriffs office has stated the report was immediately closed and not acted upon. They also confirmed the narrative written was supplied by Gailen David, although Gailen told the Miami Courts "the police department inserted" words and phrases. 

...after asking about it and before the Police Report...

​In regards to YouTube, he claims his email was hacked in order to allow a former business partner to add himself as a manager on the Aluminum Lady page, to then delete the contents. However, the evidence uploaded to show the "hacked" email was received the day after Gailen David moved the domain associated with the email address into his own control. Therefore, the security alert was him signing into/accessing his own account. His former co-workers no longer had access. Gailen routinely re-set/lost his password as his previous history shows.

Also, who hacks into someone's account, adds their own name so it's visible and public, then commits a crime? Wouldn't you hack in, commit the crime and leave without a trace? The business partner, was in fact, always a manager on the page. A hack was never attempted nor carried out.

Fact 5: Gailen David's claims of Fraud are False

Gailen David claimed that his former company, while he still worked there and aided in the day to day business, committed fraud by sending clients copies of their purchased segments "ASAP" or "as soon as possible." 

​"ASAP" is a term the company used to designate a segment that needed to be sent to their clients, as soon as the edit was completed at their request, rather than waiting for the client to request the air check or waiting for the associated reporting.

​If a client misses any of our deadlines or something won't air as planned due to delays on either part, the company has always communicated with the clients and worked out a solution.

Fact 6: Gailen David Admits to Perjury

Court documents uploaded and released by Gailen David's attorney on Monday, February 8, 2021, reveal admissions that David took actions against his former business partners and company that he previously denied in court, to the judge. 

Fact 7: Gailen David Admits to Creating Twitter Accounts That Sent Harassing Messages

Court documents uploaded and released by Gailen David's attorney on Monday, February 8, 2021, reveal Gailen David admits to creating the "fake" twitter accounts (shown above) and publishing all the content that came from them.

Fact 8: Gailen David Admits to Contacting Clients of his Former Company

Court documents uploaded and released by Gailen David's attorney on Monday, February 8, 2021, reveal Gailen David admits to contacting clients of the company while no longer being a involved with the business.